Top 5 Vegetables for good health


One of the best way to improve your health is to incorporate
vegetables in your diet, eating in plenty fresh minimally-processed high
quality vegetables, ideally locally grown and organic will quickly improve your
health and guarantee a longer life span. Majority of the vegetables are
consumed raw and those cooked require a minimum temperature and short time to
cook. Vegetables play a great role in the body, the main being reducing the
risk of diseases like cancer and diabetes
because they are rich in vitamins ,minerals, fiber, antioxidants thus
they are considered a nutritional powerhouse. But what are the top 5 vegetables
for good health?



Carrot is an excellent source of beta-carotene; a very
powerful antioxidant which protects one against heart diseases, certain forms
of cancer and helps maintain eyesight, a cup of fresh carrot juice contains about
55 calories. The vegetable is also full of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and K.
the most popular color in carrots is orange, however the vegetable comes in other
colors including yellow, purple, red, white and purple.



This a member of mustard family found in purple, red and black ,that come in a
variety of shapes from oval to round to oblong. The red-skinned radishes are
most favorite and popular but you can also find diakon radishes though have a,
milder flavor than the former. One cup of radishes contains almost twenty
calories, an excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of calcium, folate
and potassium.



Falls and springs are the peak seasons for this popular
leafy green vegetable, coming in variety of which can either be curly or
smooth. One glass of raw spinach contains seven calories almost twice the
recommended daily amounts of vitamin K. in addition, its packed with vitamin A
and contains plenty of vitamin C, manganese and folate.

Vidalia onions


These are sweet onions grown in low-sulphur soils to prevent
the onion from developing pungent taste and results in lesser tears when
sliced. A single valid a onion contains 60 calories grams of fiber with lots of
vitamin C, 16 grams of carbs.



This vegetable is a member of lily family and comes in
purple and white. White asparagus have a lighter color as its grown underground
and isn’t exposed to sunlight and has a milder flavor than green variety. One glass
of the vegetable contains 27 calories, an excellent source of vitamin K and A. in
addition to being a good source of vitamin C, fiber, thiamin, folate, iron copper
and manganese.